Florent Obesse, CEO & founder of Canya Communication AB.


Florent started his career as PLM/C&I metering Engineer at Siemens Buildings technology where he designed a simulation tool for energy metering and efficiency in buildings. He later worked as a project manager and software engineer at Celltribe AB in Stockholm where he was in charge of designing and developing one of Sweden´s first mobile content Gateways platform.

He later led Asia business for Synergenix Interactive AB ( a spin-off from Ericsson) and Esmertec AG, a Swiss leading provider of mobile software.  Recently he was leading the business of Myriad Group AG in Africa, making Myriad the leading provider of mobile solutions to mobile carriers and enterprises in Africa. He is widely known as Africa business strategist


Florent holds a Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Stockholm in Sweden, a diploma in business management and administration for the University of Stockholm, Sweden and B.S. from Tshinghua University of Beijing, China. He ´s fluent in French, English, Swedish, Chinese Mandarin and Lingala




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