Your partner in doing business in Africa

management consulting

“By taking full advantage of our  many years´ experience of the ICT industry in Scandinavia and extensive knowledge of business pratices and market conditions in Africa, we support our clients in making the right decisions to growth their business successfully in Africa”

Based on industry best practises and methodologies, our management consultants use international standards and frameworks to guide the identification of problems and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more efficient and effective way of managing business and entry strategy into the african market.


  • Strategy development and Technology implementation: Many organisations are constantly facing the challenges of deciding on their ICT strategy and technology migration policies. The complexity arises when it comes to choose between competing technologies or suppliers in the rapidly changing ICT environment. We help organisation through examination of the current ecosystems of networks, different technologies and services, their assigned value-chains and study possible improvements that could be affected in the present mode of operation. We then distill a set of requirements from this analysis and recommend a strategy, implementation and migration path.
  • Benchmarking and operational improvement: using our own proprietary methodologies, our benchmarking and cost optimization services help organisations reduce cost and make better value on their ICT investments.
  • Global Sourcing: For any given technology and for organisation, the process of procuring the right ICT product from the right vendor at the right price requires extensive knowledge of the trends in the industry, practises and future technology. We help our customers sourcing the right product from the right vendors.
  • Business consulting: Reaching and extending its services to new emerging markets can be a challenge for many organisations. Canya Business Consulting helps its clients with sales and marketing representations, market research and market entry decision making. Our portfolios of services are designed to help our clients successfully address the challenges they are faced with when entering new markets.
    Key benefits: By partnering with us, our customers benefit from: 

    • Technology vs market assessment
    • Shorten lead time to profit
    • Expansion risk management
    • Local sales and marketing representations

    Our experience is gained through qualifications and importantly through many years of doing business in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Technology Audit (Automated Data Processing): Many organisations are daily facing the challenge to prove any evidence that determines whether information systems are safeguarding assets maintaining data integrity and are operating effectively to achieve organisation’s goals and objectives. Canya uses international best practises and standards such as eTom or GTAG (Global Technology Audit Guide) to review and evaluate the system internal control design and effectiveness. This includes, but is not limited to, security, usage, efficiency, development process and governance.