To Mobile and fixed carriers, ISPs, Regulators and government institutions.

telecom consulting


“The telecom industry is constantly going through rapid transformations, due on the one hand, to the convergence of Internet, telecommunication and media and on the other hand to the explosion of smart devices and usage. Canya provides end to end telecom consulting services to help its clients to provide innovative services and being competitive in their market .”

To Mobile, fixed carriers and ISPs

Commercialising technology has never been so pertinent. We, at Canya believe that it’s the difference between success and failure in today fast changing telecom industry. New technologies bring big issues and big challenges but also big opportunities for those capable of seizing the upside in the sector.
Based on more than 50 years real world experience in the telecommunication industry in Africa, Asia and Europe, we provide our customers with the following services:

  • Strategy and business case development: Need analysis, technology plans, cost/benefit studies, Architectures, products roadmap and market assessments.
  • Project Management: System engineering, integration, testing & verification and network planning.
  • Technology and network audits: technical audit of network architecture, work process audit, network quality audit
  • Specifications: functional and technical requirement identification, information requests and Request for proposals (RFI/RFPs)
  • Evaluations and procurements: Vendor sourcing and capabilities, product demos, proposals and contracts analysis.
  • Training: Onsite telecom technology training combining the latest with legacy telecommunications technologies from GSM to LTE Advanced

To Regulators and government institutions

The Telecommunications revolution presents both big challenges and great opportunities for both regulators and other government institutions in charge of shaping the ICT industry.

  • Mobile services regulations: Today the penetration of mobile phones in the world has already passed the 50% , with the growth still to be come from Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The explosion of smart devices such as iphones has now proved to be a challenge for Services Providers when it comes to bandwidth requirements. However, it also provides end users with a myriad of services on the go.   We help regulators defining an environment that promotes growth for both services providers and end-users. Please contact us for more details about our offerings.

  • Optical network services, strategy and project management: We help regulators and carriers with strategies, technologies and services roadmap when deploying  broadband services and optical networks.